The Body Beast Workout – Amazing Results in 90 Days

The Body Beast Workout – Amazing Results in 90 Days

If you are overweight with a lot of excess fat, then you are almost certainly wanting to know a way that you can reduce your body fat and increase muscle mass. Far too many people today just want to go on a diet and lose weight but doing so means they typically lose water weight and muscle mass and that just leads to yo-yo dieting and ever-increasing wait. Here, we will take a look at how using Body Beast will help you achieve the chiseled body you always wanted.

Introduction to the Body Beast Workout

This is a 90-day program and it’s specifically targeted toward beginners who want to rid themselves of excess body fat and pack on muscle mass. The 90 days is broken into three blocks consisting of one month each. This program can easily be done at home with very little equipment needed. The weight program essentially uses barbells and dumbbells for the weight lifting portion of the program.

This program uses compound exercise which means that it focuses on increasing overall muscle mass rather than focusing on an isolated group of muscles. In weightlifting, there are two areas that people will focus on. One is called compound exercise and it uses all the muscle groups in the body. The second type is called isolation exercise as it isolates certain muscle groups and focuses on those groups. Again, this program is compound exercise.

Body Beast uses a method known as a 5-day training split. There are several ways to go about building muscle and some of those include a 1-day split, 2-day split, a 3-day split and the 5-day split. The 1-day split is used when you want to train all the muscle groups in your body in one single day. The 2-day split is when you focus on the upper body on one day and lower body on the next. The 3-day split is simply separating muscle groups that you want to focus on and doing each of those groups on a separate day over the course of three different days during the week.

This program focuses on building muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and legs. So instead of focusing on the groups as mentioned above, with the 1, 2 or 3 Day split, this program focuses on the chest one day then the arms another day, then the back and so on until you’ve covered all those groups over the course of the 5 days. Some trainers have argued that using the 1, 2, or 3 days split allows for better protein synthesis for the muscles but it is a well-known fact that beginners increase strength and muscle faster in the early days making the 5-day split perfectly suitable.

Who is Body Beast For?

The program is designed to be perfectly suitable for both men and women because it focuses on basic muscle building and using only the simplest tools, it can easily be done by men and women. It’s also great for those with a limited amount of time and those without any experience. In fact, this program is specifically targeted at the beginner and is designed to be not only effective but also easy in its methods.

This program provides a high level of training and the overall amount of exercise required is reasonably low so that the majority of people will be able to follow this program regardless of their current age or physical conditioning. The main focus of the exercises is built around moderate-intensity and on exercises that focus on multi joint movement.

Who Created Body Beast?

Sagi Kalev is the author of this program and he is of Israeli descent and was a two-time winner of the Mr. Isreaeli contest and is considered a fitness model and bodybuilder. The author is clearly a celebrity within the bodybuilding industry. He is well-liked and considered by many to be a genuine expert in the field.

Does Body Beast Work?

Anyone considering purchasing this plan will want to know the obvious question of whether or not it truly works. There are very many Body Beast reviews online today that show some really good results after finishing this program. The thing that makes this program above average is the fact that it focuses on those who have never before been into weight lifting or bodybuilding. Anyone who has never done such a thing before will likely not find some of the other programs suitable. Many programs would have an individual go into extreme muscle building regimens immediately and that’s just not suitable for the beginner.

This program is completely opposite of that as it is designed specifically for the beginner who has never done any type of weight training or bodybuilding. It is designed to take them from knowing nothing at all and giving them intensive training during the first month, then elevating things a bit to grow muscle during the second month, and then concluding in the third month by focusing on fat elimination.

What Equipment Will You Need?

Body Beast is a workout program and diet regimen that is designed to be done from home. For this reason, all of the equipment that is needed is very basic. All of the exercises could easily be done at your local gym but it’s not necessary to be a member of a gym in order to follow through on the program. The only equipment that you will need are some dumbbells, an adjustable bench, some weights, an EZ curl bar, and a barbell.


Obviously, if you are training to lose weight and excess fat as well as to make your body more chiseled, then diet, nutrition, and supplements play an important role alongside the exercising that you’re doing. The Body Beast meal plan centers around eating based on your body mass index along with the amount of calories that you’ll need to consume in order to bulk up your muscles. All of the guesswork is removed and this is one of the things that most beginners like best.

Someone who’s just starting out doesn’t want to have to guess at what food they should eat, when they should eat, or how much they should eat. The same thing is true with the exercising that they’re doing. What about Body Beast results? We’ve seen that this program gives you a complete 90-day program to take you from rank beginner to someone who’s beginning develop the body of your dreams.

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